High Risk Solutions

Years of Experience With High-Risk Accounts & Merchants

When’s the last time the risk manager sat down with you and explained the exposure, the reserve, and worked with you to head off issues in advance?

The reason this doesn’t happen is simple: Risk departments don’t usually understand internet marketing and frankly, don’t care about your conversion. They are incentivized to shut down accounts, not keep them open.

InChek risk management doesn’t just stop at giving you merchant accounts, we want to ensure you keep them open and profitable!

Our risk management specialists will consult with you to identify critical pain points and implement effective solutions. We will get as involved with your payments processing as you prefer allowing you to focus on growing your business, not worrying about your processing. Let us show you how we can develop a processing strategy that keeps you growing

And, our Risk Department is incentivized to keep your account open and compliant.

…what if you could negate chargebacks altogether?

Well, you can. We are fully integrated with both of the latest providers of chargeback alerts. This means that we get notified when your customer files a dispute. If you refund it within 24 hours, it never becomes a chargeback. We can even do the refunds for you.

Let us help you make sense of the constantly changing regulations

You’ve come up with an offer that just has to be a real winner. You’ve launched it and are enjoying the fruits of your efforts thinking you will be able to rest for a few months. And then suddenly your company is targeted by Mastercard, perhaps your merchant accounts are closed, and your head is left spinning because you couldn’t see it coming. You have to issue refunds manually, you have a small fortune tied up in held reserves, and your income no longer covers your CPA cost. Sound familiar?

The card associations and the FTC have recently implemented new regulations for certain high risk industries. Our specialists will do an audit of your offer and help you stay out of trouble. Our compliance guide has all of the latest ever changing information as it is published by the regulatory agencies and our processing relationships. Before setting up MIDs for your products, we will review the regulations with you and show you how to structure your offer so that the above nightmare scenario doesn’t become your reality.

Sometimes you need more than one account. We get it.

Our multiple domestic and international processing relationships and our gateway allow us to provide a complete solution so that you can focus on your business instead of your payment processing.

You have a product to launch and don’t understand the pushback from your merchant provider on your anticipated volume needs.

Launches are very risky for merchant processors. Let us explain to you why that is and how we will handle your launch differently.