I have PayPal for my business. Do I still need a merchant account?

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YES. And you should also keep paypal. Here’s why.

Paypal provides an easy and convenient way to begin taking payments for your business yet it also has a few limitations.

1. Feel – Paypal gives a site an “amateurish” feel. Customers tend to believe the business is very small if it only accepts paypal.

2. Funding Time – Paypal requires manual transfers from your paypal account to your bank account where an InChek account deposits directly to your bank

3. Flexibility – The reporting functionality within the InChek payment gateway provides a far superior experience relative to tracking and searching transaction data

4. Fees – Merchant accounts can often be cheaper than Paypal

5. Personal service. I love paypal but don’t love trying to get answers from them by phone.

So while I definitely recommend keeping your paypal account, I would also venture a guess that you do not realize how easy and affordable it is to get set up with your own merchant account as well. More payment options = more flexibility = more happy customers + more income for you.

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